Piano Recordings

Would you like a professional recording of your piano composition?


I'm very pleased to announce that I'm now offering a unique recording service for composers.

If you would like me to record your piano composition, please feel free to contact me either via the contact page or email me directly at


(you can listen to some of my recent recording work below)


I want to provide what I do as inclusively as possible to composers all over the globe, both professional and amateur alike,

so I am mostly offering my services at present on a donations/trade basis.


Why donations/trade versus rates?


I feel that rate-setting inevitably excludes certain demographics from services that the more financially stable can afford,

so I'd much rather offer my services freely and let you decide (within your own budgetary means) what you feel my service is worth to you.

If you feel that you are not financially in a position to reimburse my time and skills, then I'm very open to coming to a pre-arrangement 

of a different form of compensation or part-payment. Perhaps you have a skill/talent you could offer me in return,

for example music mixing skills, or artistic skills? Or perhaps you make delicious food items :)

I'm very open to coming to any arrangement that is mutually beneficial, so please don't be shy!


I'm happy to offer video recordings rather than simply audio recordings, but due to the extra time needed to achieve

an accurate performance in 1-take on camera, I will probably want to agree on a minimum donation before-hand.


Once your recording is completed I will send you a water-marked recording for you to listen to,

and once you are happy and have sent me your donation I will send you the unwater-marked version

which you are forever free to use/share/upload in whatever ways you wish as long as I am properly credited.


Score editing/engraving


In addition, I'm also offering an score editing/engraving service!

Would you like a professional-looking score of your piece?

Or would you simply like to test-run your piano piece via a professional pianist?

I can help!

I'll be happy to work with you in order to make everything playable and your score as readable and performance-friendly as I can.

Again, I'm happy to come to any mutually agreed arrangement in order to compensate my time.





David BRUCE (UK)


Undula (2017)


[Bach, arr. Bruce] Prelude from Partita No. 3 (Funked-up) (2019)

[Bach, arr. Bruce/Gabay/Ozeri] Prelude from Partita No. 3 - Putting Bach to a Beat (and a Bass) (2019) [w. Yogev Gabay & Lior Ozeri]


Glutton-free Etude (2020)


Alternate (2020) [as part of David Bruce's 5 COMPOSERS 1 IDEA project]



curated by David Bruce:


Patreon Etudes Volume 1 (2020) (various composers from all over the world)


Patreon Etudes Volume 2 (2020) (various composers from all over the world)


Patreon Etudes Volume 3 (2020) (various composers from all over the world)


Patreon Etudes Volume 4 (2020) (various composers from all over the world)


5 Composers 1 Idea (2020) (ft. June Lee, David Bennett, Ben Levin & No Compliments) 


Around the World in 80 Composers (2019) (by 111 different composers from all over the world)






Fantasy Piece - 6, Opus 79 (1979, rev. 2010)​​​​​


Piano Sonata no. 2, Opus 63 (1975, rev. 1984, 2010 & 2013)


Sonatina, Opus 111 (2009)


Piano Sonata no. 3, Opus 113 (2010)


Piano Sonata #4, Opus 123 (2013)


Piano Sonata #5 (in one movement), Opus 130 (2015)


Piano Sonata #6, Opus 135 (2016-17)


Piano Sonata #7, Opus 136 (2017)


Piano Sonata #8, Opus 141 (2019)




Malcolm DEDMAN (UK)


Sonata No. 1 'Restoration' (1973, rev. 2013)


Elegy (1976/2009)


Variations on an Original Theme (1979, rev. 2008)


Sonata No. 2 'In Search' (1984, rev. 2008)


Toccata in the Manner of JS Bach in the 21st Century (1986, rev. 1999)


Two Reflections (1987)


Four Kinds of Love (2008)


Life Begins at 40 (2009)


Reformation (2009)




Kevin LAY (USA)


Firesong (Your Fire Sings To You) (2020) [with vocals by Gabrielle Juliette]




June LEE (South Korea)


Pedal Point Etude (2019)


3-2-1 (more like 1-2-3) (2020) [as part of David Bruce's 5 COMPOSERS 1 IDEA project]






Ruining a Good Thing by Making it Better (2020) [as part of David Bruce's 5 COMPOSERS 1 IDEA project]






Once, Two, Much (2020) [as part of David Bruce's 5 COMPOSERS 1 IDEA project]




No Compliments (Australia)


Carnival of the Bruce (2020) [as part of David Bruce's 5 COMPOSERS 1 IDEA project]




Chato SEGERER (Bavaria)


Suzy Speedfreak (2016)




Eliott WELLS


Back on Track






Coat Rack (2019) for 4-hands






Three Moods (2017)




Ariana YEKRANGI (Finland)


Five Short Pieces




Rodrigo CANTU (Mexico)


X3 (2018)




Nicholas SÉGUIN


Obsèques pour un soi déconstruit




Christopher PRINGLE




Die Reis






Piano Piece for Sequoia






Constellations (2018-19)




Matheus LIMA


O Caso do Acaso (2017)






Piano Ostinato





Solemn Impromptu (2018)



Farhad POUPEL (Iran)


Fantasia on one note فانتزی بر روی یک نت



Tamsin JONES (UK)

Bathtime Ragtime! (A "New Baroque" Rag)




Mike HASTINGS (Canada)


Atlas Fantasia No. 1




Ruoshi SUN


Rhythm (2005, rev. 2019)


Fantasia on BACH and DSCH (2009)






ipnaop (2017)




Rasam SOHEILIAN (Iran)


Eclipse (2019)






The Starship Osiris - Bossa Nova




Nikodem KLUCZYŃSKI (Poland)

Obraz AB76



Jefferson D. GENTRY








Marching Through Dreams




Benjamin KLANJAC (Croatia)

Mala barokna stvarčica (2017) 


Ples (2019)






Soltis Variations


Piano Sonata No. 1 in F major


Solo Keyboard Concerto no. 1 in G Minor